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The NEW glVectorGraphics unit allows to draw 2D vector graphics with OpenGL.

- Allows drawing shapes defined by an path. This path needs to be constructed as an SVG path.
- Basic shapes:
* rectangle (allows rounded corners)
* elipse / circle
* line
- Each shape can be applied with a 'style' determining how it is drawn. (e.g. linewidth, linecolor, fill, fillrotation, etc)
- Fill Types:
* none
* solid (rgba color)
* linear (uses 0..n points with x pos and rgba color) (can be rotated also)
* circular (uses 0..n points with x pos and rgba color)
* bitmap (needs glbitmap unit) (can be rotated also)
* pattern (uses tiled 2D vector shapes as fill, can be a real slowdown)
- 2D Vector Fonts. Uses font outlines stored as svg paths. A tool converter is also in the project.
- Grouping (allows for making up a shape consisting of multiple paths / fills)
- native object-pascal unit so no need for third party dll or units (except glbitmap and dglopengl ofcourse)
- I tested it on delphi2009 only, but it should work on other delphi versions too and maybe compile with fpc too.
- Released under the MPL license.

Also i made a start for User Interface classes. So far only the button is working.

The test/example program currently shows the image below.

Currently it is only availble from my svn at: ... ion-0.5.1a

Example usage:
  2.   polyrect := TglvgRect.Create; //create an rectangle
  3.   polyrect.X:= 1.0; //position
  4.   polyrect.Y:= 1.0;
  5.   polyrect.Width:=100.0; //size
  6.   polyrect.Height:=200.0;
  7.   polyrect.Rx:=20.0; //rounded corner size
  8.   polyrect.Ry:=20.0;
  9.   polyrect.Style.Color.SetColor(1,0,0,1); //set solid color with individual rgba values
  10.   polyrect.Style.Color.a:=0.8; //it is also possible to set only the alpha value (transparency)
  11.   polyrect.Style.GradColorAngle:=90; //rotate the gradient color fill
  12.   polyrect.Style.NumGradColors := 2; //set the number of colors in the gradient color fill
  13.   polyrect.Style.GradColor[0].a :=1.0; //change the alpha for the first gradient color point (it takes over values from the solid color, so i change it here)
  14.   polyrect.Style.GradColor[0].SetColor('#FF0000'); //you can use web hex color codes
  15.   polyrect.Style.GradColor[1].SetColor('#00FF00');
  16.   polyrect.Style.FillType := glvgLinearGradient; //set the fill type to gradient
  17.   polyrect.Style.LineType := glvgSolid; //make the line style solid (basic line color is white)
  18.   polyrect.Polygon.Id:=7; //give it an id (need to automate that) , needed for stencil buffer filling
  19.   polyrect.Init; //init the rectange (makes an svg path from it)
  20.   polyrect.Polygon.Tesselate; //optianaly tesselate the object (does get auto called on first time rendering)

Now rendering is easy:
  2.   //rotate rounded rectangle
  3.   glrotatef(angle,0,0,1); //standard opengl rotate command
  4.   polyrect.Render; //draw the shape specified earlier.

As i have not yet written a canvas class yet the alpha transparency has to be manualy set.
  2.   // Set Alpha Blending with opengl commands
  3.   glEnable (GL_BLEND);

Let me know what you think about it in the feedback thread: viewtopic.php?t=8646

glvggrad2.jpg [ 52.82 KiB | 8203-mal betrachtet ]

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